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My Echo Experience

After going to Echo, I came out realizing a lot of things. I had been having many doubts and was starting to become closed off to God when I went in to camp. I hadn’t seen His presence and didn’t know if He was real or good. It was definitely an all-time spiritual low for me. But Echo was a time for me to think things through. In the camp, I saw that I needed to rework my idea of the Christian faith. It was simply growing up. As a child, I feared hell and tried to be good. As a teenager, I sought after seeing God through experiences (like Mount Hermon or Rock N Water) and tried to please Him. But now, it was time for me to understand and take the next step. Here’s what I learned:

- do everything with the mindset that God is present (Brother Lawrence)

- though God can do impossible miracles, he often works in small ways and not always visible ways (Elijah finding God in the whisper, not the huge acts)

- pray for spiritual changes. It is not to please us, but to change us

- serve for God, otherwise it is worthless. Being nice to people is what God desires, but if it is to please people, you don’t have the right motive. Do it because God wants you to

- a God outside time can work within time

- times of doubt can lead to a further step in faith. And doubts are not bad (John the Baptist doubted even after seeing Jesus)

- spiritual disciplines help to see God, but they are not step-by-step instructions. They should become everyday actions

- sacrifice time for God

- surrendering to God is to give everything to Him and not waiting to finish things in life first (Matthew 8:22)

- true satisfaction in life only comes from God, so when there are trials, God is ultimately giving us goodness because we are often too blind to see that we need Him

- God is often active in ways we may never see

- we can’t please God to force Him to meet us. We come humbly through prayer, meditation, and solitude to sense His presence

- test the promises of the Bible

- you don’t have to be “good enough” as a Christian to lead others in faith because we are always growing

So Echo basically put me on a good start. There was no spiritual high, but I think that I’ve been equipped with the tools necessary to start rebuilding this new view of faith. Rather than putting God somewhere into my life, I need to build my life around Him. I’m hoping that eventually, I’ll be able to sense His presence, know His goodness, and experience the plan He has for me.

I’ll keep in mind that any day could be my last one or someone else’s last one. I should make amends, be friendly, and make people’s days. It never hurts to compliment, and everyone wants to be loved. I need to live like I know I’m dying.

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